so we meet again...

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I am Katie. I am located in Tucson, AZ. Prior to moving back to the states, my parents were stationed in Germany and England where they had my brother (him in Germany) and me (in England)! They were then stationed here in Tucson when I was a toddler and I haven't left. I've fallen in love with the desert and as much as I would love to have four real seasons I can't imagine living anywhere else. Tucson has been my home to myself and my son, Sebastian. During the week you catch us building Legos, playing Pokemon, and going to his karate practices.

things you should know...

1. My. favorite season is fall

2. I prefer tea over coffee

3. I love crime shows. My favorite is Criminal Minds

4. My favorite Disney movies include The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, & Mulan

5. My family jokes I named my son after Sebastian the crab

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