Beiber Extended Family Session


Jul 20, 2022

Célina searched high and low for the perfect photographer for her family, so when she reached out to me for a family session with a specific request to include creosote, I was so excited! Meet Célina, her husband Gavin, and their seven-year-old son Roland, as well as Célina’s parents Katrina and Larry, and Gavin’s mom, Lynn!

To start off our family session, we took some beautiful portraits against the green creosote, and then we loosened up for some gorgeous candids. Célina and Gavin just celebrated their ten-year wedding anniversary last September. Congratulations, both of you!

The Beibers brought their one-year-old furbaby, Ginger! She is a fifty-pound Labadoodle with the fluffiest fur. I’ve done many family photo shoots with dogs, so it was a breeze. Ginger was very well behaved!

A fun fact about Célina is that her side of the family have been Arizona natives for generations! Gavin is from Canada and is a wealth of knowledge. Since he’s lived almost everywhere, he can tell you the genus, species, and common names of every plant and animal that he sees!

Katrina and Larry just retired, and they are now probably enjoying life without their alarm clocks! Katrina used to teach junior high, and Larry worked in construction and mixer truck driving. Thank you both for all you’ve done!

Roland loves Pokemon more than life itself, and he builds lots of things with legos and cardboard and duct tape. With that amount of creativity, he’ll definitely go far! He’s such a sweet and funny kid, a perfect goofball, just like his dad!

All-in-all, it was a beautiful day, and we took some amazing family photos that will last a lifetime. Thanks for choosing me as your family photographer! It was an honor to meet you for your extended family session, and I wish you the best!

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