Rachel & Jeorge’s Fairytale Couples Session in Tohono Chul Gardens


Feb 15, 2023

Fairytale couples session at Tohono Chul Gardens. Katie Gilbert Photography.

This fairytale couples session with Rachel and Jeorge was beyond magical! With a whimsical “happily ever after” theme, these two celebrated their relationship in the exact place where they got married: Tohono Chul Gardens!

Fairytale couples session at Tohono Chul Gardens. Katie Gilbert Photography.

The Tohono Chul Gardens was such a special place for these two, so it was the perfect backdrop for their “happily ever after” couples session. With its charming vegetation and serene environment, I couldn’t have imagined a better place to have this session. 

In some sessions, my clients and I just click. These two were definitely that kind of people! They were so easy-going and full to the brim with energy, which made for a super fun and lighthearted session! 

Fairytale couples session at Tohono Chul Gardens. Katie Gilbert Photography.

They were open to trying a lot of new poses and were eager to capture the essence of their love together. Personally, I love the amount of creativity a session like this involves. We bounced ideas off of each other to bring their fairytale to life! 

It was a lot of fun. While I maintained control of the session, getting creative and going outside of a normal routine was an absolute blast. 

Major props to Rachel and Jeorge for following my style guide! Jorge just glowed with that modern fairytale prince look. It was perfect!

And Rachel was the belle of the ball. When she made her selection from my client wardrobe, I knew right then and there that I was going to be head over heels over this session! The purple wild butterfly dress from Ava Gowns looks gorgeous on Rachel!

This session itself was as dreamy as a fairytale. There were absolutely no challenges or hiccups, as if Rachel’s fairy godmother were watching over us. There wasn’t even a ton of people around, which then gave us free reign of the Tohono Chul Gardens. 

Rachel and Jeorge, your session went so smoothly, I can’t remember the last time I edited a gallery so fast! I love these photos so much. You two are inspiration, for sure! I’m so grateful that you chose me to bring your vision to life. Thanks again!

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