From Shutter Clicks to Stunning Pics: How I Edit Photo Galleries


May 17, 2023

How I edit photo galleries | Katie Gilbert Photography

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the behind-the-scenes world of your photo session? Buckle up, because I’m about to take you on a whirlwind adventure from the moment we bid each other farewell to the grand finale of delivering your stunning images. Here’s how I take raw images and edit photo galleries that keepsakes for a lifetime!

How I edit photo galleries | Katie Gilbert Photography

After our session, I can hardly contain my excitement to see the magic we captured together. Just like you, I’m filled with anticipation as I make my way home, perhaps making a quick detour to treat myself to some mouthwatering Crumbl Cookies (because, hey, we all deserve a delicious reward!).

Once I’m back at my cozy abode, it’s time for the next crucial step—uploading and backing up your precious photos. This is no ordinary task; it’s a sacred duty to safeguard your cherished memories. I ensure your images are securely stored both in the cloud and on a trusty hard drive. Life can be unpredictable, and I take pride in protecting your photographs from the unexpected, such as computer crashes or sneaky corrupted SD cards. I’ve got you covered!

How I edit photo galleries | Katie Gilbert Photography

Within a mere 24 hours, the moment arrives. Your images are uploaded, and the real work begins. I dive headfirst into the meticulous process of culling. What’s culling, you ask? Well, it’s like sorting through a treasure trove to find the true gems. I also meticulously eliminate any duplicates or shots where people may have had an accidental blink. It’s all about curating the perfect collection, so that every image you receive is a masterpiece.

How I edit photo galleries | Katie Gilbert Photography

Just one day after your unforgettable session, I pass the baton to my team of talented editors. Color correction is their secret weapon, and they ensure that every image shines with a consistent look. It’s so amazing what they can do to give your photos a magical makeover.

How I edit photo galleries | Katie Gilbert Photography

Six days later, the baton returns to me, and I step back into the spotlight. Armed with my trusty tools and artistic eye, I am so ready to spruce up the gallery. You bet I’ll work my magic if there’s a quick fix. A pesky pimple or an unwelcome bug photobomb? Consider them banished! However, when I edit photo galleries, I don’t do major alterations like slimming bodies or creating an airbrushed appearance because I celebrate all body sizes and shapes. You’re beautiful just the way you are!

How I edit photo galleries | Katie Gilbert Photography

Now, here’s where patience becomes a virtue. Depending on the size of your gallery, it may take a few days to a couple of weeks to complete the final touches. Rest assured, though, that I pour my heart and soul into perfecting each and every image.

But fear not, the wait will soon be over. Once your gallery is a sight to behold, I waste no time in delivery. After I send it, one of my favorite parts is your response! I always wait with anticipation to hear what you’re going to say. The cherry on top is watching you enjoy your gallery!

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