Justin & Sarah’s Tangled-Inspired Maternity


Oct 1, 2020

A Tangled-inspired maternity photoshoot…

It started with two pink little lines. The moment she had been waiting for. Over four years of waiting. Four years of wanting to be a mom. These two little pink lines are the two lines that changed everything. Little did they know that those pink lines were the beginning of a lot of pinks. They were having a baby girl! 

If you’ve met Sarah you know she is a Disney fan. Having known her prior through her sister-in-law we bonded over our love for Disney. I knew Sarah would want to incorporate this into her session but I wasn’t sure how.

Then it hit me like a frying pan. Rapunzel! With Sarah’s short brown hair and Justin’s beard, they looked like Rapunzel and Flynn after Rapunzel’s hair was cut. Lucky for me they loved the idea! 

Getting the details down was pretty easy once we narrowed it down to the elements we wanted to incorporate from the movie. We found a dress that flattered her bump, made the lantern, and reached out to a local wood florist Corina who owns She’s Pretty Crafty. Corina crafted and hand-painted Rapunzel’s flower. She also provided the flower crown. 

On the day of the session, I was excited. There is something different about watching all your planning unfold. The smiles, and laughter that Justin and Sarah provided allowed for sweet moments between the two. Knowing it wouldn’t be much longer for there to be three instead of two.

You could feel the excitement these two had for becoming parents. Spending their moments loving on her bump. Letting me witness how loved their baby girl already was. 

As we look at the photographs, it’s a reminder of an amazing journey Justin and Sarah have been taking that lead them to their sweet baby girl Kelly.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her I know she is very much loved. Justin & Sarah I can’t wait to see how you grow as parents and to meet Kelly.

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