Lisa’s Sunrise Photo Session at Arthur Pack Park

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Aug 30, 2023

The morning of my sunrise photo session at Arthur Pack Park was an early one! Sunrise sessions are a beast, but I was so thrilled to be photographing such an amazing person. When Lisa discovered me through Facebook, I knew for a fact that she was going to be a real star. Check out our photos!

I feel like Lisa and I connected instantly, and we quickly settled on a theme, location, and concept. We wanted the best light possible, so we scheduled our session for an early morning at Arthur Pack Park.

Our plan was to capture the soft morning light of a sunrise session, and despite the early hour, I knew a bit of caffeine was in order to kickstart the day (Can any of you relate??). A quick Chai Tea fix was on my mind, though I had to postpone that indulgence until after the session.

Both Lisa and I arrived at the park just as the sun began to peek over the horizon. The sky was overshadowed with some dark clouds, but I knew that they held the promise of dramatic lighting that would add depth and dimension to our photos.

Summer mornings, I’ve found, are a photographer’s dream. It was totally worth dragging ourselves out of bed! The golden hour stretched luxuriously before us, casting everything in an enchanting glow. The cloudy start didn’t deter my excitement. In fact, I knew that such conditions often lead to some of the most enchanting images.

Lisa radiated enthusiasm from the moment we started. She was so excited to make these photos her own! It was exciting to watch her trust me to effortlessly help her transition from one pose to another, and I’m SO PROUD of how well she did.

She seriously enjoyed herself, embracing every prompt and suggestion with a natural grace. As a photographer, working with someone like Lisa is a dream. Her readiness to experiment and her vibrant energy made every shot a masterpiece in the making.

Lisa’s dress from Lael Collection was a perfect match for the park’s natural backdrop. She wore a flowing dress that seemed to dance with the wind, the colors harmonizing with the greenery around us. What struck me most was how she didn’t just wear the dress. She made it her own! The camera loves authenticity, and Lisa brought that in abundance.

I loved spending time with Lisa. She revealed that she’s a huge crafter, and her heart beats for critters of all kinds. With a heartwarming roster of 13 rescue cats and a dog, her compassion knows no bounds.

In the end, the dark clouds that had threatened to interrupt our session waited patiently, allowing us to conclude our sunrise photo session with a sense of fulfillment. Thanks so much for getting up so early, Lisa! This solo photo session at Arthor Pack Park was a dream come true. I’m so glad that you were a part of it!

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