Mia and Kyle’s Beach Session


Jul 6, 2022

Mia and Kyle haven’t ever had a couples session taken together, so it was a pleasure to photograph them! By the look of this beach photo shoot, you’d never know that it’s their first time. Every single photo was a winner!

These two lovebirds have been together for almost seven years. They met in the same class in college, but they didn’t start dating until they hopped across the sea to America.

I’m stationed in Tuscon, Arizona, but I often travel for photoshoots like this one! Today, we got our feet wet at Oceanside Beach in San Diego. The weather was perfect for a beach photo shoot. Kyle and Mia weren’t against getting wet, either!

The atmosphere was perfect for romantic portraits! You can tell by the pictures alone how much they love each other. Unafraid to be their genuine selves, they were both very relaxed in front of the camera, which makes for some of the best pictures.

If you’re nervous about your photo shoot, don’t be! Getting your photos taken shouldn’t be a stressful experience: it’s a time for making memories.

After a quick outfit change, we headed back out for the second half of the beach photo shoot. These photos were just as good as the first ones! Beaming with happiness, Mia’s countenance shone like the golden-hour sun.

Kyle even swept Mia off her feet, just like the princess she is. Mia loves that he always does more than he says. As a family-oriented man, he’s willing to put in the work!

They were both so kind and sweet! Without trying, their personalities shine right through the photos. You two are adorable!

It was an honor to photograph you lovebirds for your very first couples session! I wish you the best.

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