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Sarah and Esiyah’s Mommy & Me Session


Sep 7, 2022

Sarah and Esiyah, you have no idea what this Mommy & Me session meant to me. Since I have also walked the rocky road of a single mom, I see so much of myself in you.

Not that long ago, I was in your position. I had to try to hold myself together while dealing with custody, juggling work and parenting. It was so hard to adjust to this new way of life.

During that time, I struggled so much with doubt. I never thought that I would get as far as I have come.

I remember the days when I felt like I wasn’t going to survive. Between work, childcare, and not having the support of another parent, there were days that felt really dark.

It takes such a strong person to be able to raise a child by yourself, and Sarah, you’re so strong. It’s so uplifting to see your courange and heart!

This session was such a huge reminder to me that despite the hardship of raising a child by yourself, we also get to experience these beautiful moments of pure love that no one can take away. 

I see you. I see the love you have for Esiyah, and I see how hard you have worked as a parent. You really cherish these precious days with him, and I see how much you appreciate every stage of Esiyah’s life. It’s so beautiful to see his love for you, too!

This session makes me so grateful to be able to capture moments like these for a mom like you who is truly amazing. I’m so honored that you chose me to photograph your Mommy & Me session!

It was so much fun, capturing sweet moments between you and Esiyah. I loved letting him run around and enjoy the fields and bubbles at Life Under the Oaks Lavender Field

It’s been such a blessing! I’m serious when I say that your session was one of the most meaningful ones I’ve ever done. Thanks again for your encouraging spirit and beautiful heart!

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