Sharron & Robert’s 20th Anniversary Photos at Hacienda De Sol


Sep 13, 2023

Sharron and Robert have been married for 20 years. First, congratulations, you two! You deserve to party big time! It was such an honor to take your anniversary photos, and I can’t wait to celebrate their love by sharing this amazing gallery!

These lovebirds are still fully in love with each other. They have such a sweet and romantic connection! Seriously, every look, touch, and smile was so warm and genuine. One of our main goals was to capture these little moments for their kids, and I’d say we did it!

20 years of marriage is such an important milestone to document, and I’m so glad that they chose me to take their photos. It was so much fun to get creative with our surroundings.

These two were pros at exploring the venue! I haven’t had that much of an opportunity to check out the Hacienda De Sol before, so this was a real treat. We jumped from one romantic spot to the next, showcasing Sharron and Robert’s extraordinary relationship.

While never required, knowing the venue in advance can make the session go more smoothly. Sharron and her mom went to Hacienda De Sol a few days prior to check it out. Knowing a few go-to locations helped us make the most of our session.

Fun fact, Sharron’s mom and stepdad were married here! Of course, we just HAD to take a few photos in their most precious locations. This additional connection gave our gallery that much more meaning.

If any of you are interested in choosing the Hacienda De Sol for your next photo session, you definitely can! We will just have to get permission in advance. We can also request to go back to the patio in the restaurant (prior approval needed) to get those mountain shots.

One thing that made this session extra special was Sharron’s dress, which she selected from my client closet. This gorgeous number from Lael Collection is everything and more, especially against the Arizona scenery.

This dress is so feminine and flowy! Sharron had the BEST time playing around with the skirt. We even highlighted the dress by bringing in a bold accessory (necklace), which matched the venue’s coloring.

Sharron and Robert, I hope you love your 20th-anniversary photos! It was an honor to celebrate your love through a photo session. Thanks so much for choosing me as your anniversary photographer!

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