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Aug 16, 2023

As a passionate photographer, I am always on the lookout for exciting opportunities to capture unique and awe-inspiring moments through my lens. When Andrea, a horse lover, reached out to me for a styled animal photography session featuring her majestic horses, I was beyond thrilled. Little did I know that this shoot in Casa Grande would turn out to be a memorable and challenging experience, pushing me out of my comfort zone and into a realm of creativity and collaboration.

Before the shoot, Pinterest proved to be an invaluable tool for finding inspiration. From pose ideas to framing techniques, Pinterest offered so many creative possibilities. It was so much fun bringing these elements to life!

The day of the animal photography session arrived, and my excitement was palpable as I made my way to Andrea’s house. Her warm welcome immediately put me at ease. After discussing the ideas and vision for the shoot, we decided to head over to an expansive empty field nearby. The advantage of shooting in an open area was that we had ample space to spread out, allowing us to experiment freely.

Despite my years of experience as a photographer, I had never photographed horses outside a fenced area. The prospect of shooting in an open field, where the horses had more freedom to move around, both excited and unnerved me. 

The unpredictability of animals and the vastness of the location was a challenge completely brand-new. But Andrea’s passion for her horses and the enthusiasm of other photographers present at the session motivated me to embrace the opportunity and create something extraordinary.

Upon reaching the field, I was relieved to see other photographers joining us. Their presence not only alleviated my nerves but also provided a sense of camaraderie. We shared our experiences, techniques, and ideas, which served as a great source of inspiration and support. It was so much fun to bounce composition ideas off of each other. We played with so many angles and compositions. I felt that this experience really stretched my creativity as an artist!

Additionally, the collaboration with Andrea and the other horse owners was invaluable. They knew the horses well and could guide us in understanding their behavior and preferences. This mutual cooperation ensured a safe and stress-free environment for the animals and allowed us to capture authentic moments of their natural beauty.

As the shoot progressed, I found myself facing some unforeseen challenges. Horses, being inherently curious and energetic, demanded patience and quick reflexes. At times, getting them to pose was hard. But Andrea and the other horse owners helped us understand the animals and their preferences.

I think the challenges only made the experience more gratifying. Adapting to the horses’ dynamic nature taught me to be flexible and seize opportunities as they arose. I have always had a deep appreciation for animals. Being in close proximity to these magnificent creatures allowed me to witness their genuine emotions and quirks up close. Each horse had its distinct character, and capturing their expressions and movements in real-time was an exhilarating experience.

Our styled animal photography session was a huge success! Working with animals is such a humbling experience. I was reminded of the importance of respecting their boundaries and emotions throughout the shoot. I left Casa Grande with not only stunning photographs but also a wealth of knowledge about photographing animals in their natural environment.

Working with animals in person is a unique and rewarding journey. I am grateful for the chance to have shared such an unforgettable experience. I look forward to future opportunities to photograph animals and continue learning from these incredible creatures!

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