Charles Dickens “Lavender Manor” Tea Event at Life Under The Oaks Lavender Farm


Jan 3, 2024

I absolutely love it when I have the chance to photograph an event. There’s something so special when people gather for a joint interest or to celebrate someone. There’s nothing like it! That’s why I was thrilled to photograph a Lavender Manor Charles Dickens-inspired event at Life Under the Oaks Lavender Farm.

Entitled “Lavender Manor,” this gorgeous event went above and beyond all expectations. It brought together the old-world charm of a Victorian Christmas with the gentle allure of lavender. Combined with the mild weather, we were set for an amazing event on all accounts.

As a photographer, capturing the essence of this event was both a challenge and a delight. There were so many emotions, colors, and experiences to frame. It’s a shame I couldn’t clone myself to catch every sweet moment!

I absolutely loved everyone’s costumes. Each one had so much detail and creative intricacies. If you ask me, it really paid off. When everyone was dressed up together, the atmosphere was perfect for photos.

Speaking of detail, Life Under the Oaks hosted another amazing local vendor. Sarah from Fusion Permanent Jewelry had a whole table set up with her gorgeous jewelry. Since I love meeting other local vendors, it was such an honor to meet her.

The evening began with the heartwarming welcome of lavender earl tea and lavender cider – a combination that, when mixed, created a delightful, warm drink that guests couldn’t resist. Guests sipped their drinks and savored treats like lavender bread, peppermint cookies, and the star of the show — a sumptuous lavender brownie. Yum!

The transformation of Life Under the Oaks Lavender Farm into a Christmas wonderland was a sight to behold. The venue embraced the festive spirit with a blend of traditional and modern decorations.

Multiple Christmas trees adorned the space, each telling its own story through its unique ornaments and lights. Fireplaces, decked with stockings, added to the warmth and nostalgia to the scene. Every corner of Lavender Manor was a snapshot of Christmas joy, from the twinkling lights to the festive garlands.

After indulging in the culinary delights, guests created angel tree toppers, lavender wands, and stringing popcorn. This not only offered great photo opportunities but also reflected the event’s focus on community and craftsmanship.

Guests sang carols, and Father Christmas also made an appearance! He helped keep the fire going, and brought us all moments of joy and laughter. Altogether, I can’t imagine a more perfect event. Thanks to everyone who made Lavender Manor so special!

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