Emily & Kayla’s Holiday Family Session at Broadway Trail and Downtown Tucson


Dec 27, 2023

Every photographer cherishes those special clients who bring an extra sparkle to every holiday session. For me, Emily and Kayla are easily among those treasured favorites. Our Christmas family photoshoot in Downtown Tucson and Broadway Trail was an absolute delight.

What set this session apart, beyond the picturesque locations, was the wonderful blend of holiday cheer and elegance that Emily and Kayla effortlessly brought to their outfits. They have this knack for balancing the festive vibe with a touch of sophistication, making each year’s shoot unique and full of personality.

One year, they dazzled in dressed-up formal attire, The next, they embraced a thematic approach, infusing the session with playful energy that kept things exciting. This time, they dressed up! This gown from Ava Gowns is totally to die for. It’s just perfect for the holidays!

This time, they brought their pets with them: Hagrid, the mischievous yet adorable dog, and Chikira, the chicken. While Emily and Kayla’s outfits were spot-on, Hagrid seemed to be on his own agenda that day.

Was it a case of “only child syndrome”? Well, that’s up for debate! Nevertheless, it became clear that having an extra hand when bringing pets is a wise idea. After a few shots, we decided to take the pets home and resume our session in Downtown Tucson.

Then, the magnificent Christmas tree near the downtown library became our new backdrop. It towered elegantly over us to create the perfect festive atmosphere for our impromptu session.

If you’re ever in Tucson during the holiday season, don’t miss the downtown Christmas tree. You won’t regret it!

Its grandeur was matched only by the nearby historic courthouse, a familiar location that you might recognize if you have also read some of my other blogs. The stairs provided a classic setting for a few additional captivating shots, which added a touch of timeless beauty to our gallery.

Wrapping up the session, we decided to extend the joyous mood and headed to brunch at the Nook. Laughter filled the air as we reminisced about the day, appreciating the unconventional yet magical outcome of what was initially planned as a mini-session.

As always, photographing Emily and Kayla was a true pleasure. These two really understand the Holiday Spirit, and I loved every second of our time together. Thanks for being awesome clients and fantastic friends!

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