Will My Photo Session Be Blogged?


Dec 20, 2023

So, you’ve had an amazing photo session, you’ve fallen in love with your pictures, and now you’re curious: will they find their way onto the blog? It’s a question that often comes up. Here’s the inside scoop on how I approach sharing sessions in the digital world.

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room—I’ll admit, I may not be the most consistent social media guru. There might have been times when my posts took an extended hiatus (two months, anyone?). But trust me, behind the scenes, I’m diligently working on improving. However, when it comes to blogging sessions, I do make the effort with your permission.

Now, while most individuals are perfectly okay with their images being featured online, someone might have professional obligations or personal reasons for preferring their photos to remain private. And that’s absolutely fine. Your comfort and preferences matter most to me, and whatever decision you make regarding sharing, I’ll honor it wholeheartedly.

Yet, for those eagerly awaiting their session to grace the blog, there’s a valid point to ponder. How will others know about the photography work I’m doing if it remains unseen? This is where occasional styled shoots, model calls, and informative blog posts step in. They not only showcase my recent work and insights into various sessions but also aid in building the visibility of my work through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO matters—a lot. When someone searches online for a particular location or photography style, appearing in those search results becomes crucial. Sharing sessions, insights, and valuable content through blog posts aids in boosting visibility. So, when you’re browsing Google for that perfect location or a specific keyword, my work stands a better chance of popping up.

Now, onto a commonly asked question: which photos will make it to the blog? Here’s where your involvement plays a significant role. Remember that email about downloading your images? There’s a part where I ask you to star your favorites. It’s not just for your convenience in ordering prints; it also helps me in selecting the images to showcase.

Sure, I have my personal favorites from every session, but your starred selections give me valuable insight. Your preferences guide me in curating the best representation of your session for the blog or any online sharing. Your input matters and contributes to making the final choices.

So, here’s the bottom line: while I’d love to blog about every fantastic photo session I have, your comfort and choices take precedence. If it’s a no-go for sharing, it won’t be shared—simple as that. Your session, your story, and your comfort always come first.

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