Chloe and Dayne’s Maternity Session


Aug 17, 2022

Chloe is a plant mom, a dog mom, and now a first time mom. Yep, that’s right! Chloe and Dayne are expecting! Even though it was later in her pregnancy, I asked if she wanted to do a maternity session

I was itching to try out a fancy new camera that I might have just splurged on. She was definitely in!

Dressed in a gorgeous pink maxi, Chloe looked so perfect! There’s nothing like that pregnancy glow. You’re so beautiful, Chloe!

Chloe is also a photographer, and we met through a few photography groups. Over the years, we’ve become good friends, and It’s an honor to document her last few weeks of pregnancy!

Our photoshoot location was the Mesquite Valley Nursery Growers. They have everything from ornate pots to garden decorations and gorgeous blooms! It was so much fun to see what was in season.

Chloe and Dayne took their time and looked at everything. They both know their plants, so it was adorable to watch them debate on which ones to bring home!

As it turned out, Chloe and Dayne didn’t have much time left. Baby Bennett was born just two weeks after this shoot.

It was so sweet to watch them prepare for such a huge and exciting milestone. Baby Bennet was eagerly awaited!

Chloe and Dayne were illuminated with joy the entire duration of the session. These photos will be such a treat to look back on!

I’m so glad that you were up for a maternity session, Chloe! Congratulations on your new baby boy!

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