Senior Session—Alyssa

Senior Sessions

Aug 10, 2022

Last May, I had the pleasure of taking Alyssa’s Senior Session portraits!  She’s so excited to be a graduate and is heading to Pima Community College in the fall. 

For our shoot, however, we found our way to the University of Arizona. There were so many other photographers taking senior photos! It’s that time of year, so I wasn’t surprised.

 It was definitely crazy! Fortunately, there was enough room for everyone. We also got lucky and found some great areas that weren’t as crowded.

Alyssa brought three looks, and within the hour and a half, we scored some beautiful shots!

I love it when graduates bring their hobbies to their Senior Sessions. Alyssa is a soccer player, so we definitely had to play around with a soccer ball!

The flowers and her soccer cleats matched, so she did a play on the foreground that led from the flowers to the shoes, and posed against this unique plaque.

At Pima Community College, Alyssa is going to continue pursuing soccer. She works so hard to achieve her goals, and she has such a wonderful support system that I’m sure that she’ll reach anything she sets her mind to!

Speaking of her support system, Alyssa’s boyfriend and her mom joined us for the session. They kept her glowing all throughout!

I had such an amazing time at Alyssa’s senior session! It was great to meet you, Alyssa. You’re so sweet, and your excitement for the future is contagious!

Also, congratulations on your academic success! Hold your head high. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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