Emily and Kayla’s Lavender Couples Session


Aug 3, 2022

Emily and Kayla have been looking forward to this Lavender couples session for over a year! Last year, they were going to be my models, but plans fell through. This year is their year!

This time, we headed to Life Under the Oaks Lavender Field. Carolyn and Farmer John take such good care of this breathtaking field. They are also some of the sweetest people alive! They let me bring clients to their property any time.

We all drove up together to spend more time together and save on gas, which was such a treat. These two are so fun to spend time with!

Emily and Kayla’s wedding just happened last April. They even invited me to come as a guest! It was so amazing to set my camera down and actually enjoy a wedding. Thanks for the chance to support you both!! 

I’m so proud of Emily and Kayla. Our and Chelsey Evans Photography pride shoot was just featured on the front page of bridesincolor!

As always, they were a great team. They’re such easy clients to work with because they listen so well, and they’re up for the crazy things we make them try, like twirls!

It’s no wonder that they’re so adventurous! Emily loves trying new things. Yoga in the desert—she’s down! She rollerblades on weekdays, attends art shows, and hosts gingerbread competitions. She does it all! 

Kayla loves chickens! Emily isn’t as enthusiastic, but they push each other to be the best version of themselves.

In addition to this stunning pair, I also got to work with some amazing vendors like MakeupbyAudreee, who kept the girls looking radiant! 

The wooden florals were made by She’s Pretty Crafty. It’s amazing what Corina can do! She’s even started using magnets instead of pins for the boutonnières. Wow!

Thanks so much for a beautiful lavender couples session, girls! We finally made it happen! 

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