Holiday Mini-Sessions Part 2

Mini Sessions

Feb 21, 2021

Nothing says a new year like taking a mini-break from social media in order to recharge and recap my Holiday Mini-Sessions! While I’m excited about what I have planned and show everyone some things I’ve been working on. I want to take a second and look back at two fun-filled days of families. Yes, my Holiday Mini Sessions! While this will be a 2 part post-one for each day I can’t wait to show them off! Here is Part 2!

Contreras Family 

From the moment I met this family, you could tell how much they adore each other. I love that they were up for the various interactions I had them do to get some of these cute shots like the one of them walking. Their little girl had a lot of fun with the walk and getting to be a little silly.

Valenzuela Family

Another amazing family. I loved watching how much they helped each other. Watching how they would play the youngest favorite games like Ring a Round a Rosie and London Bride was so sweet. The amount of care and love they have for each other was just shinning through the entire session.

Honorary Mentions

The Ellison Family

Sue & Robert Ellison. So much could be said about these two. They are kind. They are sweet. They love supporting local businesses. We were also very fortunate that Brian and Kelly’s Farm let us come in to capture their style. They had shirts made that said Mr. & Mrs. Ellison and the year. If you notice the shirt also features a vintage truck just like the ones found at Brian & Kelly’s

Emily & Kayla

This isn’t the first time I have been able to capture Emily & Kayla. We also got an extra adorable member of their family to come to the session. That handsome boy you see is Hagrid. He was such a sweet boy and did so well. You would never know by the photos but it was a very busy day.  I can’t thank them enough that we were able to head to a more secluded area to give everyone a bit of space and capture these. 

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