Chris & Shelle’s Anniversary Session


Apr 1, 2021

7 years together. 7 years of saying yes again to the person who loves you. The person who wants to spend their time with you and build a family. Chris and Shelle continue to choose each other. To celebrate they wanted to do an anniversary session.

While this session might look a little different than other anniversary sessions and more like wedding portraits there is good reason for it. Chris & Shelle never had the chance to get fully dressed up to celebrate their marriage and with some big career moves, it seemed fitting to give them an experience they wouldn’t forget. Chris is about to head off for Bootcamp and will be gone for their actual anniversary. He joined the Navy and his family couldn’t be more proud. With the big change coming soon it seemed fitting to get dressed up and create these beautiful moments at one of my favorite locations, Broadway Trail. 

I can’t thank everyone who came together to help make this shoot happen. 
Dress: @Freeeverafter
HMAU: @Hairmosasalontucson & @briannabeyta
Flowers: @Evergreenflowers

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