Graduation Edition Class of 2021: I Did It!

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Apr 30, 2021

Graduation season is among us for the class of 2021. This is such an exciting time for everyone. Chapters are closing but at the same time opening us to new adventures. I know I am excited about graduation. This has been a long road. I knew one day I would have my Bachelor’s degree however the journey I thought I was going to take had some extra turns.

For those that don’t know I had my son at 19 a few months before I turned 20. Having a newborn and going to college wasn’t easy. I am very lucky to have the support system that I do. Over the years I took classes when I could. Mostly online to handle working and raising my son. Eventually, I had enough credits for my associate’s degree. I graduated from Pima Community College and had my credits transferred to Northern Arizona University.

NAU ended up being a great fit. I was able to stay online. I took classes and did homework at night while working and raising my son during the day. With the help of my mom, we managed to handle it all even when it felt that this day would never happen. It’s why I wanted to celebrate it. Celebrate the achievement of finally getting my degree and being done with school (at least for now). To celebrate the growth as a person these last few years during this journey.

I wanted to celebrate by documenting it. We drove up to Flagstaff and stayed the weekend. Got to enjoy hanging out at some of the local spots before ending the trip by getting in front of the camera. I booked with Julia Romano. She’s a local Flagstaff photographer. She was absolutely wonderful and helped to put me at ease. While I’m comfortable behind the camera getting in front of it is another story. I couldn’t be happier with this session.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021. Elle Wood’s said it best “WE DID IT!”

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