How Early Should You Book Your Photo Session?


Jun 14, 2023

Planning a photography session involves several factors, and it’s challenging sometimes to consider all of the variables. One of the most common questions I get is: how early should you book your session?

To help you navigate this decision, I’ve compiled three great things to consider. Booking in a timely manner will give us enough time to prepare for a stress-free session. So let’s explore each factor to determine the best time to secure your photo session spot

Will the session be in Tucson/Oro Valley?

I recommend that if your session is taking place in Tucson or Oro Valley and you have no pressing deadline, book your session approximately three weeks in advance. However, it’s important to note that booking earlier can ensure that you get your preferred date and time. Once you have signed the contract and pay the retainer, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll have enough time to prepare.

Does the location require more than an hour of travel outside of Tucson?

If your session requires us to travel more than an hour outside of Tucson, it will incur a travel fee. Please keep in mind that this is different than a location fee. With sessions like these, the booking timeframe can vary. If your travel involves an overnight stay or longer, it is advisable to reach out a minimum of six weeks in advance. 

This extended notice allows for effective planning, including the avoidance of last-minute increases in room rentals or flight costs. It also ensures that I can accommodate your session without any scheduling conflicts. If travel is involved is and does not require an overnight stay, you are safe to book three weeks in advance.

Do you have a deadline for when you need the photos?

If you have a specific deadline you must hit, like holiday card season or a senior picture submission date, you should book a minimum of four weeks. Once we have completed your session, it can take up to three weeks to receive your images back. Be sure to let me know what your deadline is! 

If your deadline is something a bit more flexible like holiday cards, consider where you are ordering from. Printing can take time, too, so make sure to factor that in. While some companies offer same day pickup, others can take a few weeks. My printers can take up to two weeks for your photos to be processed and shipped to you.

Determining the ideal time to book your photography session depends on the location of the session, travel requirements, and any specific deadlines. With these in mind, you can plan and schedule your session effectively. But as a general rule, when in doubt, book early!

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