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Jan 4, 2023

Girl with camera in a boho chair. Katie Gilbert Photography. Peoria, Arizona.

Laleh and I met because of TikTok. At the time, she was doing ballgowns! She still does them, but these days she mostly focuses on TikTok content. When I met her, Laleh was hosting an event at Eegees (something Tucson is known for), and I had to go see her! 

Even though I had a session that night, I didn’t bring my gear to her event because I didn’t want to overstep my bounds. However, we talked at great length about possibly doing a photo session at a studio, which was so cool!

When she asked me if I would help her out on a very special project, I could not say no! She recently had a giveaway for hitting a follower milestone on her TikTok, and the reward was a styled photo shoot for six amazing winners! 

Laleh’s TikTok content day was the best. On the day of the photo shoot, everyone met up at Vision Studios in Peoria. The models had so much fun getting ready! Then, with hair and makeup on point, it was my turn to make them shine!

We took turns alternating between each of the background set ups. There was a boho chair, bedroom, studio backdrop, and even a holiday set! However we didn’t use the holiday set. 

Girl with pink hair carrying a drone. Katie Gilbert Photography. Peoria, Arizona.

All the winners were told to wear something cozy for this shoot, which really helped them embrace the vibe! I loved seeing sweaters and jeans alike. Some winners even went a little sexy! All of the variety added so much texture to the shoot.

Girl with ripped jeans and linen shirt and velvet hat. Katie Gilbert Photography. Peoria, Arizona.

The session was also super chill. All the winners were open to any suggestions we had from either myself or Laleh, which gave us both a lot of control to be creative and explore the new place we were in. Neither of us had shot there before, so this was a huge plus. 

I loved networking with all of the ladies involved. It was so much fun to meet everyone and get to know them. Most of my clients are in the Tucson area, and while I occasionally take sessions outside of Tucson, it’s not something that I get the chance to do very often. 

Laleh herself was an absolute dream to work with, too! She’s so talented and friendly, it was impossible not to immediately feel comfortable with her. This giveaway could not have been more amazing. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of it. 

Thanks Laleh for taking me on this special journey! I loved working with you and your giveaway winners behind-the-scenes, and I can’t wait until you hit another milestone! 

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