Emma and Audrey’s Sister Session in Downtown Tucson


Jan 18, 2023

Sisters posing together during a sister session in Downtown Tucson. Katie Gilbert Photography.

Emma and Audrey are two beautiful sisters who were looking to capture their bond through a photography session. When their mom chose me to be their photographer, I was over the moon! We all met up for the sister session in Downtown Tucson, where the streets were bustling with activity.

There were a bunch of other photographers vying for picturesque backdrops, but Emma and Audrey were both so easygoing! Their patience was truly impressive as we took our time finding the perfect spots and angles that would highlight them and their personalities.

Then, once we got going, I was blown away! These girls were natural models, and they fell easily into every pose I suggested. They were up for so many different things and were super comfortable with each other, which made the process that much more enjoyable.

Highschool sisters jumping in front of a cactus mural during a sister session in Downtown Tucson. Katie Gilbert Photography.

Honestly, high schoolers are a blast! One of my favorite things about working with them is that they’re always up for trying out poses that are both new and different. Consequently, this gallery contained so much personality and variety!

All throughout the shoot, it was crystal clear that they both wanted to make the most of the experience as well as create memories that would last a lifetime. I was all for it!

Highschool girl posing in front of a blue door during a sister session in Downtown Tucson. Katie Gilbert Photography.

The main reason why Audrey and Emma wanted their photos taken together was for their annual Christmas cards! I love the thought of them sharing these photos with family and friends all over the country. I’m sure it was a huge gift!

Needless to say, they couldn’t wait to see the final product! I worked hard to get their gallery done on time since our session happened in early December. We made it with time to spare!

Overall, this sister session with Emma and Audrey was a fantastic experience. Their patience and willingness to try new things made for some stunning photos.

The family are definitely going to treasure these photos for years to come, maybe even longer! It was such a great honor to have you two for a sister session in Downtown Tucson! I loved meeting you both and documenting your special moments together.

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