Lianna and Andrew's Romantic Couple session at Stow Lake

Lianna and Andrew’s Couple Portrait Session Part 2


Dec 21, 2022

My couple portrait session with Lianna and Andrew was so amazing that I just couldn’t help but split it up into two blog posts! I can’t tell you enough what an honor it was to take their photos. Check out these amazing results, and contact me if you’re dreaming about something similar!

Lianna and Andrew are the cutest couple ever. Their joy and laughter was so genuine that I felt so happy coming out of the session. They’re just that kind of people—heartwarming and unafraid to share joy!

Even though it’s a manmade lake, Stow Lake had so many amazing spots for us to explore. In my last post, I shared a bunch that we took on a rental boat! This time, I wanted to focus on the waterfall and surrounding forest.

Lianna and Andrew absolutely stole the show. Their chemistry is out of this world, and it really shows in every photo! This photo of them on the flat stones gives me chills—seriously! The moment was so sweet and romantic, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear!

True love is so special to come by, and these two appreciate it so much. These two actually met at UCSB, where Andrew was a senior and Lianna was a freshman. Andrew was super well-known around the school since he worked at the Residential Hall Association, Associated Students Senate, and as a Resident Assistant. 

Lianna had a huge crush on him right away because he was so charming and sweet, but she didn’t tell him that she liked him until three years later when he visited the school! Since then, they’ve been two peas in a pod. 

In addition to the couple portraits, we also took a bunch of individual portraits. Andrew wanted some around the waterfall, and I took some of Lianna by the forest.

Lianna looked so beautiful with her bouquet, it was so hard to choose just one! With her bright smile and glowing countenance, she shined in every pose.

In turn, Andrew looked so sharp in his suit. You’re one lucky lady, Lianna! In this shot, Andrew grinned from ear to ear while we held the bouquet out for a little extra magic.

Thanks again for joining me on this amazing journey, Lianna and Andrew! I’m so thrilled that you love your photos, and that you had an awesome date to Japan Town afterwards for some ramen. I will also remember this day fondly, and I hope to work with you again soon!

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