Location Spotlight: Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix, AZ


Mar 1, 2023

Photography session in scorpion gulch in phoenix, AZ. Katie gilbert photography

As a photographer who serves the beautiful Grand Canyon State, I have come across many stunning locations in Arizona. However, Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s a ghost town near South Mountain that used to be a trading post, and if you haven’t been there for a photo session, it’s definitely high time!

Maternity Photography Session at Scorpion Gulch

This historic landmark offers a unique backdrop for any type of photography session, with its rustic buildings and desert scenery. No matter who you are, we’ll be able to use this location to suit your needs and vision.

One of the best things about Scorpion Gulch is its accessibility. It’s easy to walk around, which makes it perfect for families with young children or expecting mothers who may not want to trek through rough terrain.

Although there are a few stairs in the structure, they are manageable. That said, there are times when I’ve simply used stairs as part of the backdrop. This adds to the peaceful and rustic charm of the location.

Maternity session at scorpion gulch. Katie Gilbert Photography

What I love most about this spot is its diversity in scenery. With brick and stone walls, desert landscape, and even a fireplace, there are plenty of opportunities for eye-catching photos.

The neutral colors of the buildings make it a versatile location for any type of photography session. Whether you dress in blacks and whites or bold colors, Scorpion Gulch provides everything we need to ensure a cohesive theme.

Maternity photo session at Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix, AZ

While Scorpion Gulch can be a popular spot, it’s definitely worth the visit. I recommend scheduling your session during the late afternoon or about an hour and a half before sunset. This is so you can get the best lighting. If you’re looking for a less crowded spot, I suggest avoiding peak times or exploring different areas of the landmark. I’ve been able to get some real winners!

It’s important to note that Scorpion Gulch is located about 2 hours away from Tucson, so there will be a travel fee involved. However, the stunning views and unique scenery make it well worth the trip! Just be sure to schedule your session during the fall, winter, or spring months to avoid the summertime heat. Needless to say, the summer can be brutal here, so plan accordingly.

If you’re looking for a location that offers a mix of history, desert scenery, and easy accessibility, Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix is a must-visit. My clients always “ooh” and “ahh” at their completed galleries, so it’s a win for everyone!

As a photographer, I can’t recommend it enough for families, maternity, and kids photography sessions. This location is a photographer’s dream, and I can’t wait to capture your family’s memories there in the future. Contact me if you’re interested!

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