Ross and Ashley’s Ten Year Anniversary Session at Catalina State Park


Oct 12, 2022

To celebrate ten years together, Ross and Ashley hired me for their anniversary photos! For our anniversary session at Catalina State Park, our goal was to capture these two in the beautiful nature of Arizona.

Ashley and Ross are an amazing couple, and it was so much fun to photograph them! They met in 2012 at an After School Internship program for Goodwill, and became really good friends before dating. 

Fun fact—Ashley and I were actually in the same graduating class! While we ran in different circles, we do have some mutual friends. Like me, Ross and Ashley are huge Office fans. We even used a sign with a famous quote from the show! 

Catalina State Park floods often, especially during the heavy rains of monsoon season, so I always make sure to put safety first. Monitoring the weather, we realized that we were at risk for a potential thunderstorm. 

I always give my clients the option to reschedule if there’s a chance of rain, but Ashley and Ross were still up for it. I’m so glad they were! These photos are stunning!

If it’s clear that we are at risk of a thunderstorm like we were during this session, I will definitely still continue up until it starts pouring. Since we knew that Catalina State Park could flood, we played it safe by hiking up a super steep hill. 

Ashley didn’t have the right shoes, so Ross gave her his so she could get up the hill safely. He helped her multiple times, which was so sweet! Talk about couple goals!

The views on top of the hill were better than I could have imagined. As far as we could see, there was gorgeous greenery. It didn’t even look like we were in Tucson! 

At the end of the session, it did rain, but it wasn’t enough to put a damper on our spirits. Mother Nature held off long enough for us to finish the session and get out of there. 

It was so much fun to celebrate your ten year anniversary with a photo session at Catalina State Park! I loved every second, and I’m thrilled you did, too! Thanks for letting me capture this special milestone.

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