Spontaneous Best Friend Session at Golden Gate Park


Oct 19, 2022

It’s been a huge dream of mine to shoot in San Francisco. During my trip there, I booked a few sessions, but everyone cancelled. Luckily, my day wasn’t wasted! These besties were totally up for a spontaneous San Francisco best friend session!

These two travelled all the way from Spain. It was great to see proof that things are going back to normal, and that people still want to travel. They were right in the middle of a trip through the west coast!

A ton happened behind the scenes. As I was getting off the bus, I spotted them leaving the Golden Gate Park and asked if I could grab a few photos of them! These two totally sparked my creative juices.

They didn’t speak English, but we motioned to objects like my camera and I showed them my Instagram. They agreed, but only had a few minutes to spare. 

Naturally, I took that as a challenge! Soon, we were snapping photos left and right. I took some individual portraits as well as some of them together! 

I was thrilled to get some content while I was in the city, and it was so encouraging to watch each girl shine. They were naturals in front of the camera, and had amazing personalities to match!

The language barrier couldn’t stop us! We laughed a ton through games of charades, so they could understand what I wanted. It was so much fun to communicate in a different way! 

I commend them for being so willing to let a complete stranger photograph them! I think we all had a great time, and now they’ll have professional photos to look back on!

This San Francisco best friend session at was a dream! Golden Gate Park is such an iconic location for photos. It was so awesome to be there, and I hope to expand my reach to service the San Francisco area!

If you’re in the San Francisco area and are looking for a photographer, definitely contact me! I love traveling for my sessions, and I’d love the chance to document your fun moments, just like these besties! 

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