Spontaneous Couple Session at Golden Gate Park


Oct 26, 2022

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the sessions I scheduled in San Francisco got cancelled. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the Golden Gate Park, and gifting some sessions to strangers along the way! These two jumped at the chance for a San Francisco couple session!

This was the second session of that day. Meet Aditya and Vyoma, who I met at the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden at the bottom of Golden Gate Park. My first thought was that they were probably on a date—I was right!

They were enjoying each other while taking in the beauty of the garden, and their smiles were so genuine, I just had to ask if they were open to a spontaneous San Francisco couple session! 

I could tell they were a bit skeptical as I introduced myself and explained the situation, but after showing them my work, they were on board!

I soon learned that Aditya and Vyoma are both into photography. Bonding over common interests and shared knowledge really helped us loosen up!

I knew we had to get photos of them with the windmill. After that, we jumped right into my favorite prompts and poses. As we went through the session, we bounced ideas off of each other. By the end, we started getting more and more creative with angles and poses!

Aditya and Vyoma added so much depth to the session. They were perfect! Every time I was about to give them direction, they instinctively did it. Whether it was lifting their chins or looking into each other’s eyes, they were so romantic!

I loved learning more about them and their story. Aditya and Vyoma have been together for one year, and they met online! Drawn together through their shared core values, this couple seems to be a match made in heaven. 

As we wrapped up, we exchanged information and said our goodbyes. I let them know that it would be a few weeks, but they’d get their images soon. 

I was so excited to upload the images from this session! Aditya and Vyoma, you two are so perfect together. I’m so glad that I bumped into you, and thanks for taking a chance on this stranger!

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