How Could Weather Affect My Photo Session?


Oct 25, 2023

Yippee! You’ve booked your session! Your outfits are ready, your hair is perfect, and you’ve got your best smiles at the ready. But wait, you check your phone and, oh no, there’s a chance of rain! But before you allow panic to set in, let’s talk about how to make the most out of a potentially rainy situation.

First and foremost, your safety is my top priority. If weather conditions pose a safety risk, we’ll reschedule or come up with a suitable alternative plan.

Arizona isn’t known for frequent rain, and when it does come, it usually doesn’t last all day. If there’s a chance of rain on the day of your session, I’ll reach out to you the day before. If it appears to be more than a 50% chance during your session time, we can discuss the possibility of adjusting the timing. However, if the chances are below 50%, we’ll go ahead with the shoot. In such cases, you might encounter sprinkles or a gentle, romantic drizzle, which actually makes your photos even more unique.

For example, check out this photoshoot at Catalina State Park! It turned into an adventure because of a sudden downpour. While it wasn’t raining outside the park, it started to pour inside. We knew we had to act fast to avoid any potential flooding, as the park’s only road in and out could become impassable. So, we made a quick decision to head to Honey Bee Canyon instead. Though it was not what we initially planned, it still had the elements the family desired and was far enough from the rain to continue the session.

For those days when rain is in the forecast, I have a secret weapon: clear umbrellas. These stylish accessories not only keep you relatively dry but also add a touch of romantic charm to your photos. This was originally my plan B for Tatum’s session at Madera Canyon, but it ended up raining too hard for us to finish that day, so we ended up rescheduling.

When the weather brings clouds, I say, bring it on! I love cloudy sessions. Overcast skies act as a natural diffuser, creating soft, even lighting that makes you look your best. There’s no need to worry about harsh shadows or squinting in the sun. That also means we have more flexibility in choosing backgrounds. These sessions won’t be rescheduled. They’re actually a perfect opportunity to capture stunning, well-lit images.

Windy weather can be a bit tricky. A light breeze can add fun movement to your photos, but when it becomes unruly, it’s a different story. If the wind is playing havoc with your hair, blowing sand into your eyes, or threatening to carry us away, we might consider relocating indoors or to a sheltered location. Rest assured, I’ll only reschedule if it’s absolutely necessary. We have both invested time in planning this session, so we should stick to our original schedule whenever possible.

Whether it’s rain, clouds, or wind, remember that these weather conditions can add a unique and unexpected element to your session. The raindrops, soft lighting, or even playful gusts of wind can turn an ordinary photoshoot into an extraordinary adventure. No matter what the weather is like during your session, I’ll do my very best to make sure that your experience is full of laughter and beautiful moments.

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